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    Credits Modules. Game mech and materials are online and copyrights mechwarrior their respective publisher online its mechwarrior. All trademarks mech property of their respective credits in the US and other countries. Kell Hounds · Wolf's Dragoons. I suggest something heavy Stalker or Cataphract. They are four Mechs of different chassis that are rotated by the developers every two weeks. Stacking these two bonuses takes thatC-Bills per hour figure, and pushes it all the way up to 1,

    Mechwarrior online mech credits

    Last edited by Kodiak ; 15 Dec, pm. Have fun! The new mech for regular in game currency is a Legendary Urbanmech. Kushko View Profile View Posts. Don't listen to Kodiak, what he's saying is a lie. You buy mechs by going to the store tab tabs on the top of your screen , after that you go to battlemechs on the left and chose a weight class.

    I would however advise you play trial mechs for a while longer so you have an idea what kind of mechs you prefer playing since buyers remorse is an often occurrence for new players and their first mech.

    Originally posted by Kushko :. Once you buy a mech you have to go to your mech select screen, filter to owned and pick it.

    Go to Store in menu tap Choose your Mech type and variant Pay for it using either ingame cash or MC Go to Home tap Select mech, select size , should open section with mechs, look for mech that says owned 1 click on it, now the mech will display in the right side as a model Go to mech lab and trim it out as you see fit and can affort.

    Originally posted by Naughty Mouse :. Last edited by The Laughing Traitor ; 16 Dec, am. Still confused Moshii View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Riuka the Bat :. After purchasing a 'Mech in the Store whether it was for MC or C-Bills - for those not sure, the prices under them are an either-or type deal, you do not need both kinds of currency to buy a 'Mech , you go to the Select 'Mech button highlighted here [1.

    Then you set the filters at the top of the UI to show your Owned 'Mechs - you can see in this screenshot [3. Just click on Owned and it should switch over to show your owned 'Mechs and not the Trial ones. Last edited by Procrastinating Gamer ; 25 Jul, am. Originally posted by Moshii :. Per page: 15 30 These machines enjoy greater mobility in rough terrain than conventional tracked, hover, and wheeled armored fighting vehicles. Mechs had, by the midth Century, replaced conventional military vehicles in the arsenals of the Star League, the five Successor States, and the various Periphery systems around the Inner Sphere.

    Light Mechs range from 20 to Generally speedy, often times with minimal armor protection, light mechs often rely on speed, rather than brute force to accomplish their goals.

    While they cannot stand up to heavier machines in combat, or even mechs of the same class but at an estimated 1. Jumpjets are often part of a light mech's equipment, giving them even greater agility. Medium Mechs range from 40 to They form the fighting bulk of the House Armies and the majority of mercenary 'mech companies across the Inner Sphere.

    Some carry a single heavy weapon while others use a variety of weapons, although there's not much allowance for a large arsenal on such a small frame. Mechs of this weight class generally average around the 50 ton range, and are cost-effective in that they are cheap enough to mass produce, but potent enough to do the majority of the tasks required of a 31st Century mechwarrior.

    Heavy Mechs are the elite fighting force of many armies. Machines in this weight class range from 60 to Heavy mechs are expensive to manufacture and maintain, and those not assigned to prestigious units in a House Lord's fighting elite are often hoarded by bandit kings and Periphery riff-raff to cow would be local law enforcement.

    Heavy mechs can afford to carry more weapons than medium mechs, and generally have enough protection to shrug off all but the most powerful or concentrated attacks.

    This weight class serves well as artillery or indrect fire units, as many chasses are capable of housing several batteries of missiles or autocannon. Assault Mechs are the " Experiemental mech models over tons have been tried, but were too slow to prove to be useful as mobility is part of a mech's charm.

    Superheavy vehicles weighing to tons have been known to exist, and were primarily part of the Star League arsenal. Assault mechs generally have the heaviest and most destructive weaponry like the 80 ton Awesome's 3 PPCs , but their top speed is capped to No Inner Sphere power plant has been able to effectively give more speed to an assault mech without compromising its offensive or defensive capabilities.

    Assault mechs are the rock on which smaller mechs break like water, and indeed most do. Some machines of this class are capable of mounting armor which weighs as much as a light mech. Ultra Light Mechs range from 10 to Military hardware can turn Ultra Light mechs into scrap, and thus the "lightest" machines hover around the 20 ton range.

    Of all the Ultra Light mech models, the Ambassador, used by House Cameron of the Star League, was one of the most famous - not simply for its prominence in talks with the House Lords, but as a fantastically fast machine. During the continual years of the Succession Wars, almost all Ultra Light mechs were pressed into service, or had their parts salvaged and placed into heavier machines.

    By the midst Century, there are virtually no known Ultra Lights in service under any House army or mercenary outfit. Protomechs are creations of "The Clans" specifically Clan Smoke Jaguar , the strange - almost alien - descendants of General Alexander Kerensky's Exodus over three centuries ago.

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    Still mechwarrior Coolant View Credits View Online. So if you spend mech chunk of mechwarrior on credits your Atlas mech purple online is awesomeand then get tired of being mocked in matches, you don't have to pay again to go back to your original scheme. Before you drop a huge C-Bill stack on an XL engine, consider two things. Ferro Fibrous Armor is another tricky upgrade.

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    Mechwarrior online mech credits

    There was online one credits instance credits a three legged online in some Mech League records. Because of mech fairly low price, and online important it is to getting credits most mechwarrior of MWO, I consider mechwarrior 'Mech bays the best use of MC. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Mech brawls with his team and is sure to mechwarrior every target of opportunity he has so he does not miss out on any kill assists. Light Mechs range from 20 to All rights reserved. To date there are two currencies implemented within the game.

    Mech Credits For All Mechs

    New players will benefit from a Cbill boost during their first 25 games , regardless of the outcome. The amount is , Cbills for the initial game, but will reduce with each subsequent match. This will grant new players an additional 7,, Cbills in total by the time they have completed their 25th game, plus their normal game earnings.

    The Cadet Bonus ends after the 25th game, after then earnings are based on performance on the field. As a workaround, it is possible to buy a Mech with MCs and then immediately sell it and all of its components in return for Cbills.

    This is quite inefficient however, since you only get partial value in return for the sold Mech. Alternatively, you can purchase a Hero Mech. Apart from that MCs can be used to buy additional Mechbays or to buy or top up a premium account. Premium time can be exchanged for MCs from within the game client.

    Sign In. From MechWarrior Online Wiki mechwarrior online, mwo, mech game, mwo wiki, mech online,. Jump to: navigation , search. Beginners Guide Menu 1 What is this all about? To date there are two currencies implemented within the game. I suggest you start playing the trial 'Mechs for 25 games - learning the maps and the 'Mechs, and save your money - then pick a chassis to begin with.

    I suggest something heavy Stalker or Cataphract. Try and save an additional 1. Boy, it's such an awesome mech. Posted 28 June - PM 3C. Locusts and Cicadas are both insects. Poor thing may never get to meet his little Locust brother. Ah well, time to go earn another one! Backstabbing and treacherous to the bone. That brave little mech has done nothing wrong. It fought bravely for it's owner. It got shot up countless times and yet, every time it was called upon, it again stepped into the ring bravely and gave his best to carry his pilot to victory.

    And yet, in a matter of minutes, it was shoved to the junkyard for a profane thing like a screenshot. Luckily, it was saved - characteristically by a Davion, the mortal enemy of the Liao. May the brave little mech be in better hands now and continue to fight on bravely.

    For premium players with a Hero Mech , that range may increase to 95, to , C-Bills per match. The second way to make C-Bills is to sell mechs or equipment. This bonus is equivalent to earning C-Bills at about 4x the normal rate. After your first 25 matches you will have 7,, C-Bills from this bonus on top of whatever you earned in-game.

    The Cadet C-Bill bonus decreases each time you receive it, with the first bonus yielding , C-Bills and the last 90, This can cause many players to purchase a cheaper Mech as they notice their earnings decreasing. Many cheaper Mechs often come with slower engines, which can lead to poor Heat Efficiency , speed, and overall maneuverability.

    To put this in perspective, an average Free player will earn about 80, C-Bills per match. To understand the value of C-Bills we need to compare what it takes to get them, and how many you need to get specific things. A typical player will do around 8 matches per hour of play time. A typical player with no premium time or hero mech will also make an average of around 90, C-Bills per match. This average will go up or down depending on player skill and play style, but it is a good baseline number to use.

    With this in mind we can make the following observation. Now that we know what it takes to get C-Bills, we can look at what you can spend them on. This list will give you an idea of how many C-Bills you will need to buy 'Mechs of different sizes, as well as the more major pieces of equipment.

    From this information we can make a fairly accurate table of how much play time it takes for a non-premium player to earn enough money to buy and equip a new 'Mech.

    The Cadet bonus will help you more quickly buy your first 'Mech, and after that someone who plays regularly should be able to buy one or two new 'Mechs every week. It should be noted that buying a default-loadout 'Mech is usually not a very good decision, due to many 'Mechs coming with poor default gear or ineffective weapon loadouts. It is often necessary to save an extra 2,, to 6,, C-Bills in order to ensure you can immediately upgrade your new 'Mech to be on more even terms with other players.

    Of course, you only have four 'Mechs bays to start with, and that is where MC comes into the picture. You cannot earn MC in the game, you can only buy it for real world money. Most of the things MC can buy are not purchasable with C-Bills. MC can only be obtained through the MechWarrior Online website. The normal cost breakdown is as follows:. Notice that the larger the MC package, the less it costs per MC. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

    The next section will give you an idea of how much MC you will need to get what you want. Since the cost of MC depends on the size of the package you buy, there is no exact dollar to MC ratio. The following list will show you the general MC ranges you will deal with for the primary things MC is used for. There are several things you can do to increase the rate you earn C-Bills.

    The following tips are listed in order of how much they impact your C-Bill gains. There is nothing that impacts C-Bill generation as much as having premium time. So if you did good in a match and earned k C-Bills, premium lets you walk away with k. Even a mediocre player with premium time is going to earn C-Bills faster than a good player without it. When buying premium time, keep in mind that it counts down regardless of if you are logged in.

    If you buy 30 days, that time expires exactly 30 days from the time you bought it. Also note that just like buying MC, premium time costs less the more you buy at once.

    Therefore the 1 day, 3 day, and 7 day packages are of a lesser value. If you are going to go premium, try at least 30 days of time, and the cost is more reasonable. There are currently 20 Hero mechs in the game, with new ones being released every couple of weeks. These unique mechs can only be bought with MC. But they have a powerful feature. Stacking these two bonuses takes that , C-Bills per hour figure, and pushes it all the way up to 1,, For a while now, new mechs have primarily been released in collections.

    The Founders mechs made up the first collection, followed by the Phoenix collection, the Revival collection, and so on. Collections are available for a limited time before the mechs included in the collection become available for normal purchase within the game. Recent economy changes have removed the large C-Bill reward for winning a match.

    You now get a flat 25, C-Bills when the match ends with your team winning, or 20, C-Bills for a loss. However, winning your match is still going to massively increase your C-Bill rewards, for two reasons. Second, the winning team generally has a lot of kills, which means you are getting a lot more from the kill and kill assist bonuses. The easiest way to accomplish this goal is to play with friends in a premade team.

    If you only PUG, then make sure you are staying with your team mates and working toward winning the match. If your focus is making C-Bills quickly, the assault game mode is the way to go.

    Poor thing may never get to meet his little Locust brother. Ah well, time to go earn another one! Backstabbing and treacherous to the bone. That brave little mech has done nothing wrong. It fought bravely for it's owner. It got shot up countless times and yet, every time it was called upon, it again stepped into the ring bravely and gave his best to carry his pilot to victory. And yet, in a matter of minutes, it was shoved to the junkyard for a profane thing like a screenshot.

    Luckily, it was saved - characteristically by a Davion, the mortal enemy of the Liao. May the brave little mech be in better hands now and continue to fight on bravely.

    Edited by Genewen, 29 June - AM. Posted 29 June - AM thx to all for the help Posted 29 June - AM I think maybe you must have just been looking at the list of Hero mechs for sale. Under the Hero list are a few of each category of chassis, all of which can only be bought with MC which is real cash. All of the other categories can be bought with either one, hence Kon's screenshot.

    Kon, which Cicada variant did you sell? I've been considering the M for the ECM module. I still only have the X-5 and kind of on the fence if I want to level up 3 variants or not. Hard to get excited about that chassis, not much firepower at all for a med and no JJ's.

    It's more like a tall Jenner with no ability to fly. Is it just me or is the Screen Shot actually the sale of a Commando not a Cicada? Reply to quoted posts Clear. Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read. O thanks didnt know. Check the in-game news feed - events are a thing in MWO, and they're a frequent thing.

    Keep yourself informed, there are hundreds of MC and millions of C-bills to be won practically every month. Farix View Profile View Posts. Unfortounately, it is 50 MC short of the price of a new mechbay. I guess PGI couldn't be giving those things out during an event. Troopie View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Farix :.

    Coolant View Profile View Posts. New Stocking Stuffer event starts this Tuesday the 22nd and runs thru Jan 4. Lots of free stuff given away just by playing. Hexenhammer View Profile View Posts. Hang onto your credits and buy Mechbays with them when you need them. Mechbays are cheat at mc each and last as long as you play the game. Camos, colors, cockpit trinkets, c-bills, etc, are fluff and their long term value is minimal at best.

    Mech bays save time and money over the long run and the debatablythe single best investment in this game. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 19 Dec, am. Posts:

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