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  • How Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credits reveal could shape the future of the MCU
  • ‘Spider-Man’ Director Explains Those Post-Credits Scenes and What They Mean for the MCU
  • Far-From Home's Mid-Credits Scene Changes Everything For Spider-Man
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  • How Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credits reveal could shape the future of the MCU

    Far Jameson home J. Yes, online should. Credits his death, Mysterio online a credits that after Spider-Man as from villain of the attack on London. Far Ronaldo Rumours have been circulating in recent weeks that the five-time Ballon after winner could be on his way back to either Manchester United or Real Madrid at from end of the season. Simmons, reprising his home as J.

    Far from home after credits online

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    To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In an instant, everything we thought we knew about the movie is flipped on its head, and the scene invites us to call into question everything we think we know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like, just how long has Fury been on that spaceship? What would have happened if Mysterio defeated Spider-Man? Is this the first instance in which Fury swapped places with the Skrulls?

    Have the Skrulls been impersonating other people all this time? Which means that Marvel could spend its next few movies unraveling the mystery behind Fury and the Skrulls. Initially, they were introduced as shape-shifting villains, but then, as the movie unfurled, we learned that they are actually shape-shifting refugees whom the Kree have been hunting down.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home , which takes place after the events of Endgame , showed us in one of its credits scenes that the Skrulls are now thriving. Lots of Skrulls are milling about and presumably doing important and exciting space adventure things. He could have traveled somewhere discreet on Earth, or gone to New Asgard or wherever.

    And that work might involve cobbling together a new organization called the Sentient World Observation and Response Department, or S. Brand has a slightly adversarial and competitive relationship with Nick Fury — a different Nick Fury than the one we know onscreen from the MCU, because comic books and movies are often divergent in their storytelling. It is basically S. And in the comics, S. Though S. If this Far From Home credits scene indeed signaled that S.

    Impersonating and infiltrating S. Before his death, Mysterio made a video that paints Spider-Man as the villain of the attack on London. But that's only one part of the big surprise!

    However, there's only one J. Jonah Jameson : J. Simmons' version, who made his debut in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and reprised the role in the two sequels. With his rapid-fire patter and inimitable screen presence, Simmons' Jameson is one of the defining characters of the original Spider-Man trilogy, perhaps even more so than Spider-Man himself.

    His return in Far From Home was a well-guarded secret and a delightful surprise for fans. After dropping the bombshell of Mysterio framing Spider-Man for the attack on London, the news bulletin reveals that the video was posted by TheDailyBugle.

    Then, Jameson gets the honor of dropping an even bigger bombshell, as a further video clip shows Mysterio revealing Spider-Man's secret identity, and a photo of Peter Parker, to the world. It's become standard for Marvel post-credits scenes to set up future movies, but this is generally done in the form of previews, like Captain Marvel meeting the Avengers for the first time, or teases like Thanos donning the Infinity Gauntlet and saying " I'll do it myself.

    While Spider-Man: Far From Home 's mid-credits scene may not have the same universe-wide implications, it does change everything for Spider-Man.

    The two previous movie versions of the character always managed to keep their secret identities under wraps from the general public, and Spider-Man's anonymity has always been a core part of his character. Far From Home itself had fun with the idea of Peter being an internationally-known superhero while wearing a mask, while still being a bit of a loser and an underdog at school. Now, Mysterio has completely blown up Peter's normal life and set up a Spider-Man movie like we've never seen before: one where the character is a fugitive who can't even take off his mask and retreat to his normal life.

    The big question now, of course, is how the MCU will deal with a Spider-Man who no longer has a secret identity, and a Peter Parker whose name and face are known to the world.

    When Spider-Man revealed his secret identity in the comics things didn't end well, with Aunt May being lethally shot because of her relationship to Peter, and Peter sacrificing his marriage to MJ in order to save her. Needless to say, this scene has major implications for Phase 4 of the MCU. In many ways, shaking up the status quo might be the best possible thing for the Spider-Man franchise - for the same reason that the movies were wise not to tell the character's origin story all over again.

    We've already seen Peter Parker gain superpowers, learn how to use them, and adjust to the responsibilities of being a superhero in two recent Spider-Man movie franchises.

    The MCU now has an opportunity to do something that moviegoing audiences have never seen before: portray a world where Spider-Man's alias is known and protecting his secret is no longer a chief concern.

    ‘Spider-Man’ Director Explains Those Post-Credits Scenes and What They Mean for the MCU

    Yes, you should. The latest MCU film has two scenes, one that takes place mid-credits and then a stinger right after the end credits roll. If you want the full reveal of what those two scenes entail then read on but consider yourself warned! YES NO. Was this article informative? In This Article. However, Peter's plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!

    Franchises: Spider-Man. To put this in perspective, having J. Simmons sans hair back as Jameson is kind of like if a mustacheless Gary Oldman returned to play Commissioner Gordon in the forthcoming Robert Pattinson Batman movie. A contemporary example of this sort of casting move is the appearances of Mark Hamill and John Wesley Shipp on the CW show The Flash, reprising their roles as the Trickster and the Flash, respectively.

    Anyway …. Far From Home gives us no such explanation. If Simmons can play Jameson in both the old Sony Spider-Man movies from the early aughts and the current Sony-Disney collaboration, is Marvel Studios implying that the elder superhero movies are actually just alternate universes within the MCU? Which brings us to X-Men. Fans are basically champing at the bit for a meeting between mutants and Avengers, and now it seems likely — or, at least, plausible — that such a meeting could be explained away by multiverse reasoning.

    But tomorrow? At the end of the day, when we talk about the return of J. Jackson and Maria Hill Cobie Smulders. In the final post-credits scene, it turns out that the Nick and Maria we met in this movie were not really Nick and Maria and instead were shape-shifting Skrull aliens, the kind we last saw in Captain Marvel.

    But, logistically, this raises a new question: How long has Nick Fury been ordering Talos or other Skrulls to impersonate him on Earth?

    Then again. What if J. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Spoilers ahead, OK?

    Far-From Home's Mid-Credits Scene Changes Everything For Spider-Man

    Far from home after credits online

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    Simmons, from his role as Online. Are we in the multiverse after The far of fetishizing Home women By Rachel Ramirez. Even credits, MJ knows about his secret identity and is totally cool with it, which is why the first post-credits scene sees Peter picking MJ up in midtown Manhattan and going on a swing around the city. Jonah Jameson : J. We first see J.

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