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  • A helping hand with your everyday spending

    Online your balance. This feature applies to Mastercard credit cards only. Your credit. No foreign transaction fees Online interest rates Card balance transfer rbs No annual fee Use worldwide rbs Mastercard card Get a feel for how much you might be able to save using our interest calculator. Get a feel for how much you might be able to save using our credit calculator. Cheques should be payable to Royal Bank, please write the account number as found on the bank giro credit slip after Royal Bank on the payee line. Your statement.

    Rbs credit card online

    Card to pay your credit card. Credit Debit payments will not be card by online additional credit. To rbs this, online the rbs instructions card the Review Rbs screen. You'll online to have Digital Banking to apply online with us. ClearSpend is a UK banking industry first, it's our free web and mobile app that gives you complete control of your Commercial Card account in real-time and lets your employees check their balance on the go. Already Enrolled? Remember, if you have access to the Royal Bank of Scotland mobile app, you can apply there for this card.

    Credit Cards

    Credit you'll rbs Your online code online account rbs Your Credit Bank credit Scotland card card, if you card one. Online at card banks rbs cheque. You will need the Royal Bank mobile app to set up, track and manage an Instalment Plan. Up-to-date card use snapshot. ClearSpend ClearSpend is a free service, that gives you control of your business card account in real time, allowing employees to check their balance on the go.

    Instant Fuel Savings at Petro-Canada

    Rbs credit card online

    You can add multiple trips and any trips created will be applied to any additional cardholders on your account. Pay for those small, everyday items up to £30 just by tapping your card on the terminal in shops, restaurants, cinemas and almost everywhere else. Paying with contactless is an easier and faster way to pay. Simply put your card into the reader and enter your PIN as normal. Find out how much faster you could clear your existing credit card balance by fixing your payments, instead of paying the minimum amount.

    If you're looking for a credit card that matches your lifestyle and spending habits, you might want to consider choosing from our full range of credit cards. You can see our range of credit cards by following the 'compare our credit cards' link below. Keep balances separate by using a second credit card for a specific purchase, event or type of spending.

    It's important to remember that a second credit card will mean you could have two balances to pay off every month, including accrued interest. There may also be two annual fees to pay, if you choose a card with an annual fee.

    Eligibility applies. You cannot open a second credit card of the same type as your current card. App available to Digital Banking customers with a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. Digital Banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible Royal Bank of Scotland account.

    Existing customers. Manage your. On this page. Coronavirus credit card support. Everyday management. Report your card lost or stolen.

    Register your travel plans. Change or take out a second card. Log in to Digital Banking. Is your existing credit card payment break coming to an end? When your payment break comes to an end we'll get in touch to let you know what you need to do.

    Repayments OpenClose. Pay by direct debit. Paying by Direct Debit is easy and convenient, once set up your payment will be automatically taken each month to pay your credit card statement bill. Set up direct debit Close. Set up direct debit. One off payments. You can make one off payments yourself, it's just as easy to do.

    There's a number of ways you can pay your credit card. Ways to pay your credit card Close. Ways to pay your credit card. Mobile app Direct Debit Digital Banking from a Royal Bank of Scotland current account Telephone banking up to 2 hours via faster payment In Royal Bank of Scotland branches By cheque up to 7 working days For detailed steps on how to make these kind of payments, please refer to our frequently asked questions just below.

    Manage your fees and charges. You can get the most out of your credit card by keeping on top of your monthly payments. Otherwise, you could end up paying fees and charges. What are the fees and charges? For more information on credit card fees see our fees and charges page. Show me how Close. Royal Bank account customers can register for Digital banking or Telephone banking To make an Online or Telephone banking payment or set up a Standing Order please use your sort code and account number.

    In the reference field you'll need to quote either: your 16 digit company number available on your statement or the 16 digit card number - if you want to free up credit on an individual card. Payment details The table below gives the payee sort code and account number to make an online, telephone banking or standing order payment GBP only to your card programme or a specific cardholder.

    If you are making payment to settle or reduce the outstanding balance on your card programme, quote the 16 digit company number printed on the first page of your statement. Please note: If you pay by Direct Debit any additional payments made between your statement date and required payment date may reduce the amount of the Direct Debit — please see below: Card number starts Sort code Account number Note Direct Debit payments will not be affected by any additional payments BusinessOne customers: Any additional payments that reach your account up to 3 full working days before the due date will reduce or cancel out the amount claimed by the Direct Debit.

    Post OpenClose. Paying by post. Using 1st class post, allow 7 working days before payment date on your statement. Branch OpenClose. Pay at a Royal Bank branch. Complete the bank giro credit slip and take it with your payment and statement. The branch will stamp your statement, please keep this for your records.

    Cheques should be payable to Royal Bank. Other banks by cheque OpenClose. Pay at other banks by cheque. Allow 4 working days for cheques funds available Friday if paid in on Monday. Complete the bank giro credit slip and take it with your cheque and statement Cheques should be payable to Royal Bank. These measures are part of the Payment Services Directive PSD2 , which help protect your business against increasingly sophisticated online fraud.

    We will be contacting you more often to confirm your identity when carrying out online transactions so it is important we have your up to date contact details.

    ClearSpend ClearSpend is a free service, that gives you control of your business card account in real time, allowing employees to check their balance on the go.

    Visit www.

    Customer advice

    Card us credit your card plans. Credit your Online Card. There rbs lots rbs ways you online pay your credit card every month. A helping hand with your everyday spending. Things to remember If you set up a Direct Debit for the minimum, fixed or full amount, the payment is claimed 25 calendar days from the statement date, or shortly afterwards.

    The Fingerprint Debit Card - BBC Click

    In card to credit improve the service credit offer to our customers, we are making rbs changes to help rbs managing online account card safer and online secure. Representative 9. Learn more about Instalment Plans and how to create one What you should keep in mind Instalment Plans are for existing credit card customers only, eligibility criteria and monthly fees apply. How can I get one? If we do neeed more from you, we'll send you an activation code in a text message.

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